Get Fit Without Getting Hit

Circuit training taken to the next level!  Each participant will move through self-defense themed, timed stations.  Each station brings something different, new and challenging.  This is a "no touch" class.  The only person you are competing against is YOU.

When you come into class you can expect to see any of the following: punching bags, a grappling and take-down dummy, jump rope, activity rings, hand-held focus pads, Lebert Bars, a balance trainer and much more!!  Each session is 40 minutes from warm up to cool down. 

What do you need to bring? 

  1. A TOWEL!! (not kidding)
  2. Water, and lots of it. 
  3. Boxing gloves (if you don't have them, you can get them through us.)
  4. Work out in your bare feet or in your gym shoes.
  5. A "get it done" attitude. 

***This program is for all fitness levels.  The structure allows for modifications.

Call 315-415-6171 for class information.