Senshi Dojo offers the following programs:

  • Senshi Young Ninjas - For children ages 7-12. We teach using a "friends first" approach. Children are taught to be helpful and support one another during their training. Kids will learn the fundamentals of Ninjutsu and basic self defense. Some of these fundamentals include evasion, blocking, proper stance and form for punches and kicks, sweeps and Taijitsu. There is so much more!!!
  • Senshi Tiny Tigers - For children 4-6 years old.  Students learn the fundamental building blocks of the Ninjutsu system as well as basic self-defense and have fun doing it!  Private lessons may be necessary prior to engaging in group classes.  This is will be based upon the child's age and level of development.  Our Master Instructor will make this evaluation.

  • Senshi Adults - Ages 12 and up. Our Adult class focuses on Ninjustu fundamentals. In addition to Ninjutsu, students will learn techniques from Muay Thai, Brazilian Jujitsu, Boxing, Grappling and practical use of weapons. (Students must show exceptional character prior to weapons training.) We include fitness conditioning as part of our curriculum for group classes.

  • Leadership - This program is for the student that wants to take their training to the next level. This program includes group classes PLUS 1 weekly private lesson with Master Tyminski and weight training. Students enrolled in this program have opportunities to learn to lead group classes. **Additional tuition and community/dojo volunteering required.

  • Senshi Kids Camp - On occasion, Senshi Dojo will hold day camps for students and non-students alike. These camps may take place during school vacations or days off. Camp details will vary. **Additional tuition may be required. Keep an eye on the calendar for information on any upcoming camps!

  • Special Events - Open to students and non-students alike. Our special events include 1 day workshops with our Master Instructor or a guest instructor. In addition we will be posting volunteering opportunities within our community and dojo. Keep an eye on the calendar for announcements of these special events! **Additional tuition may be required.

  • Outside Group Seminars and Workshops - If you belong to a group, company, or own a business, we are at your service! We offer custom seminars and workshops for your members/employees. Here are a few examples: Maybe you have a teen group and some are ready to head off to college; we will hold a workshop to teach basic self defense; or maybe you have a senior citizen group, or a Girl/Boy Scout leader looking to earn a badge. ***Fee for workshop to be discussed with Program Director.

  • Private Lessons - Private lessons are available. Studies have shown students that take 2 group classes plus 1 private lesson per week, learn 2.5 times faster. Lessons are 30-45 minutes each. All private lessons are taught by 5th degree black belt Master Kenneth Tyminski personally. Lessons are by appointment only. **Additional tuition required.

Contact Lisa for more information at or complete one of our online forms so we can contact you!